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The boutiquejingle company
breaking away from the herd
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Proudly introducing our third update for Rob Stenders iconic request show: The Bonanza at legendary Dutch Radio Veronica.
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Dutch public regional broadcaster Omroep Flevoland updated their news package with brand new Top of hour and news beds, fresh and sizzling from SONIC SPRING.
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From Berlin, across the globe. Brand new imaging for Grammy Award winning Paul van Dyk's VONYC SESSIONS.
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This is how the Joy Radio 2020 package sounds at STAR Belgium. This packages comes loaded with basic ID,s ramps, shotguns, news, weather and traffic, freakshots and logo stingers.
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This is the brand new Pop Rock version of 2FM 2023. Originally created for Joy Radio, adapted for 2FM and now remixed for 2FM The Edge, which plays alternative 90's and 00's. The package has a more rock feel to it and perfectly blends CHR Alt and Pop Rock radio formats. (The 2 is sung in Dutch in this example but all packages can be adapted in any language).
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We're so proud of this package we want you to hear it again, and again...This is our KX Radio Re-sing for THE END Bratislava.
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These sweepers tell a story and paint a picture. It's selling what Veronica is all about in a new, edgy and cool style that can't be heard anywhere else. The SONIC SPRING signature combined with Veronica's rich imaging heritage. Featuring Marisa and new station voice Marcel Jonker.
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Originally created for Joy Radio. Perfect for Rhythmic CHR & Dance. Plus a remix for Classic Hits.
"Working with Sonic Spring has the big advantage that you discuss everything with the maker of the jingles, who is also the owner.You don't go through a seller who then has to pass it on to the producer. You tell Maurice how you need your jingles and you leave the fine tuning to him. Love these” -Marc Holemans (RGR)
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Celebrating electronic moments with DJ sets from selected and unusual locations in the Black Forest in Germany. This is the sound of Black Forest Experience new Club Radio Show, powered by SONIC SPRING's silky sonic touch.
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School Radio (France): "I have been working for more than 30 years in radio (FM & DAB) and was really looking for jingles that came out of the classic "electro" jingles, which you find everywhere, with effects of saturation and vocal distortion sometimes so extreme that you don't even understand the name anymore. Sonic Spring knows how to manage the effects in the subtlety, and it is very appreciable."
Lex harding
Everything sounds contemporary and has its own style. Explaining what you want once, is enough.
Lex Harding
Jeroen van inkel
Every time I ask for something, I KNOW something amazing comes back.
Jeroen van Inkel
Marcel de vries
Damn this sounds great!!! Exceeded expectations that were already high! Great work!!
Marcel de Vries
Robert jensen
Maurice always gets it right the first time... The gold standard in imaging.
Robert Jensen
Domien verschuuren
Fresh jingles that are easy to sing a long with and give you that instant smile on your face.
Domien Verschuuren
electricity on the airdaring to be differentunderstanding radioUnique and differenttrusted by the best for dj-dropsJingles from the heartbreaking away from the herdCharacter and dedicationBringing back true radio spiritstanding out from the crowd