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trusted by the best for dj-drops
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America's party station is here! With jingles that are originally created for Joy Radio. This is Pure FM.
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“We have been working with SONIC SPRING for years. They’re fast, speak the same language and know exactly what we need every time. The new package is a very complete one, with the sound of today in combination with 90's and 00's influences that are the core to our unique format.” -Marcel de Vries, program director.
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Custom tailored for Holland's number one drivetime show: Coen & Sander on Radio 538.
The Six O' Clock drive time jingle has a short as well as a long version with talk over bed.
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After already cooking jingles for his morning show at 3FM Domien Verschuuren returned to SONIC SPRING for brand new personality jingles for his Q-Music's drive time program.
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Radio 538 is the most listened to station in The Netherlands. We were asked to create morning songs for Niek van der Bruggen's weekend morning show. They had to mimic 538's hit music. Niek says:"This sh#t is AMAZING!!"
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Domien Jingles Nominated for BUMA STEMRA Best Radio Imaging Award:
"SONIC SPRING exactly understood what I was looking for. Fresh jingles that are easy to sing a long with and give you that instant smile on your face”- Domien Verschuuren
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6 Main jingle themes, multiple mix outs, shotguns and beds. CHR Powerhouse Top Radio from SONIC SPRING.
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Nico Silvius, Waterstad FM: "Never has the station sounded so good as with these jingles"!
Marcel de Vries, Waterstad FM: "Maurice knows what radio is and how it works. You never have to tell him anything twice.
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For Mark + Rámon SONIC SPRING created sweepers, beat sweepers and beds to make their drive time show stand out from the crowd. Now on air at NPO 3FM in the Netherlands.
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In co-production with Planet Creon:New jingles for Bart Arens at NPO Radio 2 in the Netherlands.
Jeroen van inkel
Every time I ask for something, I KNOW something amazing comes back.
Jeroen van Inkel
Marcel de vries
Damn this sounds great!!! Exceeded expectations that were already high! Great work!!
Marcel de Vries
Robert jensen
Maurice always gets it right the first time... The gold standard in imaging.
Robert Jensen
Domien verschuuren
Fresh jingles that are easy to sing a long with and give you that instant smile on your face.
Domien Verschuuren
electricity on the airdaring to be differentunderstanding radioUnique and differenttrusted by the best for dj-dropsJingles from the heartbreaking away from the herdCharacter and dedicationBringing back true radio spiritstanding out from the crowd