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standing out from the crowd
Few stations in Europe carry such heritage as Veronica. As for summer 2021 a breath of fresh air fills the airwaves. In this package we decided to break down the pastic uniformity and bring back warmth, character, passion, love and Veronica's renegade spirit. "Different, original, dynamic, with human warmth and still edgy...She's got class!" - Rob Stenders
Tukker FMTukker FM
In a short while Tukker FM has gained a huge following with truckers and people who love Schlager, Dutch pirate radio hits and country rock n roll. We made some jingles that sound just like the music they play.
Marcel de Vries (RADIONL): ‘These jingles combine heritage with the sound of now. I think this is the best version in our 15 year existence. The co-operation with SONIC SPRING has been flawless for years. They have a perfect radar for our needs and ideas.'
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Holland's most listened to Radio DJ Rob Stenders, has his own music stream. He needed something to really sell the quality and the unique variety of the station. Here is the Dutch imaging for XXL Stenders
platenbonanza IIplatenbonanza II
No. 1 rated show on Holland’s no. 1 station chooses SONIC SPRING for the second time. Styled to fit the vibe of radio’s heydays. Big arrangements with a full band, horns, strings and complex vocal arrangements. Like a spring in the desert, these jingles stand out.

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Imaging for greatest hits and classic radio without sounding stale. These sweepers can be syndicated for any station, in any language.
Imaging for greatest hits and classic radio without sounding stale. These sweepers can be syndicated for any station, in any language.
Magic 102.5Magic 102.5
Classic Magic: Originally created for Magic 102.5 in Ohio and syndicated for stations all over the world. This is one of the most compelling AC and Greatest Hits jingle packages out there.

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radio nlradio nl
For people who love Dutch music made in Holland, there's Radio NL. The most listened to station in the popular schlager / entertainer music genre. Marcel de Vries, imaging director at Radio NL: " The collaboration was fantastic, they exactly understood what we needed. This is absolutely phenomenal".
Nominated for BUMA STEMRA Best Radio Imaging Award:
Jingles that bring back character! For top rated 'Stenders Platenbonanza' on NPO Radio 2.

On the left: Rob Stenders & SONIC SPRING's Maurice Verschuuren.
Lex HardingLex Harding
For Dutch Radio patriach Lex Harding. With voice-overs by Adam Curry, Simone Walraven, Wessel van Diepen, Maurice Verschuuren, Jeroen Nieuwenhuizen, Rob Stenders and Lex Harding.
Lex: " Maurice is passionate and has a good ear. Everything he makes sounds contemporary has a unique style. He always gets it right the fist time".
Jeroen Van InkelJeroen Van Inkel
For one of Holland's most iconic DJ's drive time show in 2012 (Back then at Q-Music): The Champ.
The spirit of Dallas with a European twist. Demo Voice-Over by Chris Ackerman.

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This is how the new Gold FM Lithuania sounds. A syndication of the Classic Magic jingle package, originally created for Magic 102.5. The package has 8 main themes in multiple mix outs, plus news, weather and traffic.
For Hot AC en AC radio, this is a package called Elite Radio. 6 Main themes with different mix outs, short versions, news, traffic and weather beds.
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