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The boutiquejingle company
trusted by the best for dj-drops
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For one of Holland's most iconic DJ's drive time show in 2012 (Back then at Q-Music): The Champ.
The spirit of Dallas with a European twist.
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Sweepers à la SONIC SPRING for KX Classics The Edge playing alternative 80's, 90's and 00's.
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5 Basic ID's, a lot of short remixes, a Top of Hour and Bottom of Hour.
Special thanks to Chris Ackerman for voicing the intro, and to Boet Schouwink for making Morgan Freeman sound as himself.
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A spankin' new syndication of the ALEKS CITY jingle package from Moscow for CHR radio.
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Each year in december, W.B.E.B goes all christmas. This is the holiday package custom created for More FM (W.B.E.B) in Philadelphia.
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We make imaging and jingles for podcasts all over the globe. Shermanology chose a different approach in EDM reflecting soul and house influences.
Left: Andy & Dorothy Sherman during the production.
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For Hot AC en AC radio, this is a package called Elite Radio. 6 Main themes with different mix outs, short versions, news, traffic and weather beds.
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A huge package that has everything for news-talk, HOT-AC en CHR radio or TV.
News, Weather, Traffic, Commercial Sounders, Promo Beds, and non less than 30 ID's. Check out all individual cuts and other MFM packages on our soundcloud page.
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For Hot-AC or News-Talk radio. The package has 10 logo based jingle ID's, a Top of Hour, Bottom of Hour and 2 News Beds. This package can also be sung in any language. Here's how it sounds in Dutch, using station Voice-Over.
Check out all individual cuts and other MFM packages on our soundcloud page.
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Our third package for MFM fits almost any format and is perfect for stations that want to make a fresh and strong impression. MFM contains station VO but can also be sung in any language.

Check out all individual cuts and other MFM packages on our soundcloud page.
Jeroen van inkel
Every time I ask for something, I KNOW something amazing comes back.
Jeroen van Inkel
Marcel de vries
Damn this sounds great!!! Exceeded expectations that were already high! Great work!!
Marcel de Vries
Robert jensen
Maurice always gets it right the first time... The gold standard in imaging.
Robert Jensen
Domien verschuuren
Fresh jingles that are easy to sing a long with and give you that instant smile on your face.
Domien Verschuuren
electricity on the airdaring to be differentunderstanding radioUnique and differenttrusted by the best for dj-dropsJingles from the heartbreaking away from the herdCharacter and dedicationBringing back true radio spiritstanding out from the crowd