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The boutiquejingle company
understanding radio
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Domien: The morning show at NPO 3FM. Christmas edition.
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CHR Jingles for Access 360, KUSA-DB, Texas USA. The package was originally created for Top Radio in Latvia.
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For Dutch Radio patriach Lex Harding. With voice-overs by Adam Curry, Simone Walraven, Wessel van Diepen, Maurice Verschuuren, Jeroen Nieuwenhuizen, Rob Stenders and Lex Harding.
Lex: " Maurice is passionate and has a good ear. Everything he makes sounds contemporary has a unique style. He always gets it right the fist time".
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Imaging or Frank Dane (When working at NPO 3FM). Jingles, idents for show segments and customized intro's.
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Imaging for Sander Hoogendoorn's Croissandershow, weekend mornings at Dutch NPO 3FM.
Jingles, idents for show segments and customized intro's.
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For stations that play rock, indie, dance or hip hop, it's all there! This is KX Cuts. The first jingle package for KX Radio (part of NPO 3FM Netherlands).
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KX Radio from SONIC SPRING. The most eclectic jingles on the planet. Period! Modern, progressive and alternative radio can finally turn to jingles. Electronic dance, hip hop, rock,'s all there!
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This is how the KX Radio jingles sound on The End in Slovakia and Array Radio in the UK!
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5 Basic ID's, a lot of short remixes, a Top of Hour and Bottom of Hour.
Special thanks to Chris Ackerman for voicing the intro, and to Boet Schouwink for making Morgan Freeman sound as himself.
Jeroen van inkel
Every time I ask for something, I KNOW something amazing comes back.
Jeroen van Inkel
Marcel de vries
Damn this sounds great!!! Exceeded expectations that were already high! Great work!!
Marcel de Vries
Robert jensen
Maurice always gets it right the first time... The gold standard in imaging.
Robert Jensen
Domien verschuuren
Fresh jingles that are easy to sing a long with and give you that instant smile on your face.
Domien Verschuuren
electricity on the airdaring to be differentunderstanding radioUnique and differenttrusted by the best for dj-dropsJingles from the heartbreaking away from the herdCharacter and dedicationBringing back true radio spiritstanding out from the crowd